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Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

Sleaford, United Kingdom


Veterinary Acupuncture and Pain Management

What you can expect from your appointment?

Vet checking a dogs leg

Initial/ assessment consultation (required for all new referrals)  (90 minutes)  

  • Full pain assessment – including full and detailed history looking for evidence of changes in behaviour, mobility, appetite and gait

  • Review of past / current medications and other modalities already tried / receiving

  • Physical examination including looking for evidence of central sensitisation and myofascial pain

  • Gait assessment (where appropriate)

  • First acupuncture treatment (if appropriate)

  • Based on the above set up an individualised pain management plan tailored to your pets specific needs – you will receive a full copy of the report with any recommendations as will your vet.

  • Completion of a short pain scoring questionnaire in order to help us monitor your pets progress

  • Referral to other therapists if appropriate

Happy cat laying on a blanket, front legs stretched out

What can you expect from a follow up appointment?

Follow up appointment (30-45 minutes)  

  • Review of progress - Reassessment of pain by physical examination and owners feedback

  • Completion of pain scoring questionnaire

  • Re-evaluation of medications / modalities

  • Follow up acupuncture treatment (as required)

  • Review of plan and if any changes these will be updated on your original plan and your vet will be also be informed

Further Information

If you are wanting referral for ACUPUNCTURE / LASER / HERBAL ONLY – i.e for treatment for a non-pain related condition then please contact me for further information / prices via the online contact form or email me at

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