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Sleaford, United Kingdom


Veterinary Acupuncture and Pain Management

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Giving your pets the quality of life they deserve!

Giving your pets the quality of life they deserve!

What is Veterinary Acupuncture and Pain Management?

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1. Your vet needs to be kept up to date with the treatment and progress of your pet and any recommendations that have been made regarding your pets treatment. This ensures continuity of care for your pet. Both yourself and your vet will receive a follow-up report after the initial assessment and again following any changes made to the treatment plan.

2. In order for me to make the best decisions regarding treatment for your pet and ensure that what is advised is both safe and effective, I need to have a copy of your pets medical history, including any relevant lab reports and diagnostic imaging results. Your vet cannot forward these to me without your consent so it is important you discuss this with your vet.

Your vet remains your primary veterinary care provider (including out of hours service provider) so it is important that this relationship continues throughout. 

For a referral please complete the owner consent from. Please ensure that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of referral. I can then request the referral and the relevant clinical history from your vet. 

You will need to be referred by your own Veterinary surgeon. This is required for 2 reasons:

Veterinary Acupuncture and Pain Management offers a referral only service to clients in Lincolnshire and surrounding areas. Services include chronic pain management, acupuncture, Class 4 laser therapy and western herbal medicine.

If you are not sure whether your pet will benefit from my services then please contact me directly or through the form below.

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Acupuncture Treatment

Species treated: Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Horses (other species considered on a case by case basis so please contact me to discuss).

Bespoke Pain Management

Offering a bespoke service in managing chronic (long standing / on-going) pain in dogs and cats. 

Laser Therapy

We are able to offer class IV laser as part of a multimodal pain management plan for osteoarthritis and to help treat a variety of other conditions.

Herbal Medicine

Herbs can be used alongside conventional medical therapy to provide the best treatment plan for your pet. 

Services We Provide

Our 9 year old rabbit was getting stiff and losing ability to clean himself properly. After the first session with Sam he was already happier, after session 4 he's like a new bunny! He loves going and is very relaxed during the session. Can't recommend Sam highly enough. Kind and caring yet highly professional.

I was a little bit sceptical about acupuncture but I have been proved wrong with my 14 yr old Holly. She has come on so well with acupuncture treatment.

I never thought my Labrador Roxy would let anyone put needles in her and then sit there for 10 minutes not moving - but Sam managed to do it with no fuss.

I am looking forward to Sam being part of Roxy's long term pain management as at 6 years old she has bi lateral hip dysplasia and a shoulder injury.

I recommend Sam to anyone who feels their dog needs a pain management review to try and ensure the dog gets the best from their life despite their conditions.

We are very appreciative of being able to rely on Sam for Sprocket's pain management and all her great advice regarding his OA. I have found her to always be kind, supportive and very focused on his wellbeing. He has exceeded expectations under her care and has been able to continue enjoying his life to the fullest for longer.

Amazingly knowledgeable and supportive, Sam is and will always be my go to person for pain diagnosis and management. Her work with my dog gave us more time when our options were limited and her support meant the world to us when osteoarthritis threw challenge after challenge at us. Her experience with dogs who present as sore, irritable, or even afraid meant that my dog very quickly warmed to her and came to enjoy his appointments. Thank you, Sam.

All three of my elderly greyhounds have benefited so much from Sam’s expert knowledge. Each has had acupuncture and each has their own pain management strategy in place thanks to Sam’s professional approach to finding the right combination for them. Highly recommended.

My elderly collie was compassionately and beautifully helped by Sam in her last year and assisted on her way when the time came. Can’t recommend highly enough.

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